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Recruiting Naturally?

What Does That Mean? The aquired ability to painlessly have deserving individuals with the desire, work ethic, determination, focus and leadership potential to build a large network of other like minded people as part of your marketing orginization. Are You Doing That Now?

Building A Business Based On Earned Credibility And Trust

Building a list of VIABLE leads to recruit people into your business is of course an absolute necessity. But notice I said a VIABLE list. Not just a purchased geneology list of MLM leads or even an optin list you have built yourself using Squeeze/Capture pages. No option, outmoded and old fashioned lead capture pages that give the prospect no choice but to opt-in with their name and email address or hit the information highway, just don't cut it anymore. PERIOD! That is unless you enjoy working a list with dump or fake email addresses, names and phone numbers.

So while the recruits and therefore the money is in building a list of prospects, that statement is only true if that list is made up of loyal avid readers of the information and advice you provide them through your website, blogs, forum posts, articles, videos and any other medium at your disposal, that either pull them deeper into your trust and confidence construct so they will give your their REAL contact information. At which time you see if they can advance through your filtering/qualifying system to actually become a VIABLE recruit.

Leveraging Our Attributes Is All We Have - Take Stock Of Yourself!

The quicker you start to prove your worth before demanding a prospects contact information in exchange for information they may not even need, through all your marketing channels, the quicker you start to build a VIABLE contact list of avid loyal readers. Once they are loyal readers, you won't have to bait them to opt-in to your list through your no options squeeze page.

How fast you actually start building a VIABLE contact list depends on how well you adapt your old system of squeezing information out of your prospects, to proving to your prospects from the beginning you are their solutions provider and leader they are looking for.

Soon you will find the information you need to build a VIABLE prospect list and the advice you need to act on that information to start seeing almost immediate results right here on this page. And it not only won't cost you a penny, you won't have to opt-in to my contact list to get it.

MLM Road Kill Isn't Suicide - So Let's Be Careful Out There

If you already have new recruits or old recruits for that matter, and you sense them acting or feeling nervous, unsure, hesitant, fearful, or just plan ole scared; there is little chance they will take the actions necessary to succeed.

If they do attempt to execute the correct actions and don't have the right kind of training, they will experience all of those negative feelings and it will be undoubtedly because their actions will not return the results they were looking for.

After repeating this process a couple of times, they've probably lost all motivation to take action, which is the all too common journey for those that become MLM Roadkill. So do you then think . . .

"Some Will, Some Won't, So What = NEXT" . . . . THAT IS ABSOLUTE CRAP . . .

. . . And you know it! If you have been qualifying your prospecitve recruits to determine they do have the intelligence, desire, work ethic, focus and determination to succeed but aren't, then guess what? Their MLM death will be on your head. If you already have MLM roadkill blood on your hands, you're definitely not alone, but you need to STOP THAT RIGHT NOW! HOW? Well if you knew that, you wouldn't be reading this now would you?

The first thing you need to do is stop recruiting every prospect that comes through your lead system who can fog a mirror, regardless of their abilities.

Obviously there is more to significantly reducing your distributor attrition rate than to just to stop recruiting dead weight. I will get into all of that information and advice and more, with it COSTING YOU ABSOLUTELY NOTHING as soon as I get the CMS configured for this site.

In the mean time there is . . .

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